Neets Project Designer

Intuitive Configuration Software


Easy and intuitive software for configuring Neets Control Systems, Amplifiers and Switching Relays.

Neets Project Designer is a drag and drop based software where you simply drag the devices you need to configure from the extensive device driver library to your project.

You can create your own graphical user interface or use one of the many templates to make control of the meeting and conference room a simple matter.

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Ver. 1.25.3 (12-06-2020)
Setup file size: 223,9 MB

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  • Drag and drop software
    Neets Project Designer is a drag and drop configuration software for Neets Control Systems
  • User interface
    Improved user experience on tablet/mobile included
  • Custom GUI design
    Simple creation and customization of graphical user interface (GUI) incl. Zoom, AutoAlign and Templates
  • Device driver library
    From the device driver library you can find device drivers for your projects. The device drivers are bi-directional and physically tested and hold the label "Neets Certified"
  • Functionality
    Quick adding of device sequences and functions on to buttons by drag and drop (including single blocks of script-code to buttons)
  • Label design
    You can make your own labels for Neets Control Systems in Project Designer. remember to print them on transparent paper and make sure you have selected the "print actual size" funntion before printing

Minimum requirements

  • Software requirements
    Windows Vista
    Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 and 4.0
    DirectX 9 or higher
  • Hardware requirements
    1 GHz processor or faster
    1 GB RAM or more
    500 MB disk Space available
    1024x768 screen resolution
    USB port, LAN port or WiFi for communication with control system

Recommended requirements

  • Software requirements
    Windows 7 or newer
    Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or higher
    DirectX 9 or higher
  • Hardware requirements
    1.5 GHz processor or faster
    2 GB RAM or more
    1 GB disk Space available
    1366x768 screen resolution
    USB port, LAN port or WiFi for communication with control system
    Internet access for downloading updates
Neets theme - Overview
Neets theme - VGA
Neets theme - HDMI
Neets theme - Video conference
Blue theme - Start screen
Blue theme - Control lights
Blue theme - Control blinds
Blue theme - Control heating
Blue theme - Control screen
Blue theme - AV Control, fixed
Blue theme - AV Control, External
Blue theme - AV Control, Blu Ray
Blue theme - AV Control, DVD
Blue theme - AV Control, Airplay
  • Q: Which video/audio conferencing systems does Neets Project Designer support?
    A: Neets Project Designer supports the following video/audioconferencing systems.
    There is no drivers in our library, but the following is tested and functioning.

    C20/C40/C60 & SX Series

    Collaborate Pro 600 series video conference
    Converge Pro 2

    Realpresence Group 500
  • Q: Is Neets Project Designer free?
    A: Yes, the software is license free.

    (Although you have to be a Neets Certified Distributor or Dealer to gain access to the software).
  • Q: Which Control Systems can be configured in Neets Project Designer?
    A. You can configure Neets Control Systems :
    QueBec II/III, BraVo, OsCar, EcHo, EcHo Plus, SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa.
  • Q: Is it possible to create my own custom graphical user interface (GUI) with Neets Project Designer?
    A: Yes, SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa offers support for a custom graphical user interface (GUI).

    You use intuitive drag and drop functionality to create a custom graphical user interface directly in Neets Project Designer.
  • Q: Can I install Neets Project Designer on Microsoft Windows XP?
    A: No, from Project Designer 1.7.0 it is no longer possible to install the software on Windows XP
  • Q: In which language can I write script code in Project Designer?
    A: The language is PAWN script, which is a C-like syntax.
  • Q: Which resolution should I choose for the GUI?
    A: You need to know which resolution the default browser on the device calls for. This can be found by entering a page like and the resolution you get there, is the one you want to aim your design for. (plus the space that the toolbar and menu bar takes up)
  • Q: Can I create my own buttons?
    A: All buttons in the graphical elements folder can be exported and altered with any kind of image editing tools, e.g. Paint or Photoshop. See example below!
    You can also easily import your own creations into Project Designer, just create them in your favorite image editing tool and choose them for the different states of the button.

    Q: Can I create my own buttons?
  • Q: Are there any requirement to user administration level when working with Project Designer?
    A: Yes, it is important that you have administrator rights on you machine when working with Project Designer.

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