Neets Switching Relay - 2

2-Relay with built-in PSU


Neets Switching Relay - 2 gives you direct screen control, test buttons and a built-in power supply, which make installation simple.

The Switching Relay - 2 provides an easy installation and a nice finish

  • 2 Built-in relays
    Control for multiple devices, including screens and room lighting/ darkening
  • Relay test buttons
    Each relay has its own test button with LED status indication
  • Built in power supply
  • LED indication when relays are active
Relay load max AC1: 1150 Watt

Relay load max AC15 (230VAC): 500 Watt

Relay Single phase motor rating (230 VAC): 370 Watt

Relay fuses: 5A/230 VAC

The power supply fuse is: 0.5A/230 VAC

Max screen width 2,5 m

Width: 210 mm
Height: 210 mm
Depth: 82 mm

Width: 8,3 inches
Height: 6,5 inches
Depth: 3,22 inches

0.6 kg/ 21,16 oz

Product item numbers:
Neets Switching Relay - 2


Neets Project Designer
Neets Project Designer
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